Religion and Culture Questions and Answers – Part1

1. From which language did the word religion originate?
The word has emanated from Latin. The word , ‘religio’ which is a combination of two parts ‘Re’ meaning back ‘liagare’ meaning to bind. It means that which binds the soul back to God is defined as religion.

2. What is the name of religious belief of acknowledges only one true god?

3. Which is the only kingdom in the world?

4. Which major world religion existing in Japan does not have any sacred test?
Shinto religion

5. Who is the spiritual leader of the Tobetan Buddhists?

6. Idol worship in India can be traced to the period of ?
pre- Aryan

7. What is called a Pagoda?
The place of worship of the Buddhist is called Pagoda

8. In which religion are the gods Brahma, Vishnuand Maheswara worshiped?

9. Where was the founder of Buddhism born?
Gauthama Siddhartha was born in Lumbini, Southern Nepal in 567 B.C.

10. Buddhism is essentially a religion of which kind?
Of kindness, humanity and equality.

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