Religion and Culture Questions and Answers – Part11

101. Who wrote Ramayana?

102. What are the three processes of avoiding sin?
Ahimsa, Sathya and Brahma chariya

103. Who founded ‘Rama Sanehi’ sect of Hinduism?
Ramacharan in Rajasthan

104. What is meant by Shintoism?
Shinto means ‘the way of the gods’ or ‘the way of the spirits’, it is the traditional religious beliefs and practices of Japanese peoples.

105. In which religion are a number of gods called ‘Kammi’ worshipped?
Shinto religion

106. Where is Rakmeswaram located?
In Tamil Nadu

107. Which is the highest deity in Shinto religion?
Sun goddess

108. Which Shrine in Tokyo is famous of Shinto religion?
The ‘Yasukuni’

109. Who is the founder of Sikkism?
Guru Nanak in about 1500 A.D.

110. Which is the Sacred test book of Sikhs?
Granth sahib

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