Religion and Culture Questions and Answers – Part12

111. With which religion is the Golden temple associated?
The Sikh

112. In which religion do men take the last name ‘Singh’ and woman ‘Kaur’?

113. What the name of the place of worship?

114. Guru Nanaks teachings were compiled in the 17th century in a book called:
Adi Granth

115. Who compiled Adigranth?
Guru Arjun

116. Who was the last Guru?
Guru Govind Singh was the tenth and last of the gurus

117. Who instituted the institution’Panj Piaras’?
Guru Govind Singh

118. What are the customs instituted by Guru Govind Singh?
1. ‘Kesh’ (hair of the head and beard are not to be cut)
2. Kachha (under wear)
3. Kara (Steel bracelet)
4. Kanga (comb)
5. Kirpan (sword)

119. Where are the Sacred places of Sikhs?
Amritsar, Nankana Sahib (in Pakistan) and Anandpur Sahib

120. Which is Indian’s fourth largest religion?

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