Religion and Culture Questions and Answers – Part13

121. Which Guru was responsible for the abolition of caste system?
Guru Govind Singh

122. What is the meaning of Singh?
The lion

123. At which Sikh shrine was the Khalsa initiated by Guru Govind Singh?
Anandpur Sahib

124. Which Sikh Guru was killed on the directions of Aurangzeb?
Teg Bahadur

125. Taoism is based on the teachings of whom?
Lao-tzu who was born in 604B.C.

126. What is the chief aim of this religion?
It is aimed at reaching a state of self-awarness through mysticism and occult practices.

127. Where is toism practiced?
In china

128. What does it preach?
It preches goodness, simplicity, purity and gentleness in everyday life

129. Which is the sacred book of Taoism?

130. Which religion believes that the Universe is kept in balance by the forces of yin and yang?

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