Religion and Culture Questions and Answers – Part14

131. What was the religion found in Persia in the 6the century B.C.?

132. Who founded this religion?
Prophet Zoraster

133. What were the good spirits called?
Ahura Mazda with its helper Mithras, the light.

134. What was the evil spirits called?
Ahriman, Lie Demon

135. Which is the holy book of zoroastrianiam?
Zend Avesta or Avesta

136. What is the place of worship of Zoroastrianism?
Fire Temple

137. Which religion came into existence in the middle of 19th century?

138. Who founded this religion?
Prophet Baha Allah

139. Where is its affairs handled?
In Israel

140. What are Cossacks?
A group of tribes who have settled in the Southeren part if Russia

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