Religion and Culture Questions and Answers – Part15

141. Who are Negroes?
A black race distinguished by classification according to physical features.

142. Who are Huns?
Fierece normatice tribe which invaded Europe and India in the 5 century A.D.

143. Who are Mangols?
A war like tribe from Mangolia who expanded under the leadership of Gebghis Khan in the 12th century

144. Who are Vikings?
Name generally given to the peoples of Scandinavia during A.D.800-1100.

145. Who are Kiskimos?
Peoples of Arctic region, northern Canada, Greenland and Alaska

146. Who is the founder of Advita philosophy?
Adi Sankaracharya

147. Who is the Manasaputhra or Brahma?

148. Who propagated Veera saiva philosophy?

149. Who wrote the ‘Mimamsa Sutra’?

150. who is the founder of Dharma Shastra?

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