Religion and Culture Questions and Answers – Part7

61. What is known as ‘ismailies’?
A branch of the Shiite Muslims, who recognized Aga Khan as their spiritual leader.

62. Who is Imam?
Islamic official who conducts prayers of mosque

63. Who gave the name Islam?
The founder prophet Muhammed.

64. What is called Hegira?
The flight of Muhammed from Mecca to Medina in A.D. 622

65. Who is Muezzin?
The Muslim official who calls to prayer

66. What is Caliph?
Title of Muhammed’s successors and spiritual leaders.

67. What is Sunnism?
The majority branch of Islam; the name refers to the ‘Sunna’ or way of the prophet Mohammed.

68. What is Ramadan?
In Islam, the 9th month of the year, when strict fasting observed during daylight hours.

69. What is Pantheism?
Identification of god with the universe.

70. What is Polytheism?
Belief in more than one god.

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