Religion and Culture Questions and Answers – Part9

82. Which sage wrote a metrical commentary on Vyajarna sutras called Vartika?
Sage Vartika

83. Who wrote a commentary called ‘Mahabhashya’ ib tge Vartika?

84. Hindu society is founded on and governed by the laws made by three great sages. Who are they?
Manu,Yaju and Parasara

85. Who wrote ‘Manusmriti’?

86. Who wrote ‘Yajusmriti’?

87. Who wrote ‘Parasaramriti’?

88. Who wrote ‘Mitaksara’, an authoritative treatise on Hindu law?

89. Which are the four stages a man’s life has?
Bramacharyam, grahasthasharam, vaanaprasatham and sanyysam

90. Who is the father of all Sutrakas?

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