Branches of science

Branches of Science

Branches of Science

Branches  Descriptions
Astronomy » The study of the heavenly bodies
Astronautics » The science of space travel
Angiology » that deals with the Study of Blood Vascular System
Anthology » The study of flowers
Araneology » The study of spiders
Anatomy » the study of the structure and organization of living things
Aerodynamics » the study of the motion of gas on objects and the forces created
Astrophysics » the study of the physics of the universe
Astrology » the ancient art of predicting the course of human destinies with the help of indications deduced from the position and movement of the heavenly bodies
Biology » the study of living things
Biometry » the application of mathematics to the study of living things
Biomechanics » the study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms
Batracology » the study of frogs
Biochemistry » that deals with the study of chemical reactions in relation to life activities
Biology » the study of living things
Botany » the study of plants
Bacteriology » the study of bacteria in relation to disease
Chemistry » the science of matter and its interactions with energy and itself
Climatology » the study of climates and investigations of its phenomena and causes
Computer Science » the systematic study of computing systems and computation
Ceramics » the art and technology of making objects from clay
Cardiology » the study of heart
Cryptography » the study of secret writing
Dermatology » the study of skin
Ecology » the study of how organisms interact with each other and their environment
Electronics » science and technology of electronic phenomena
Entomology » the study of insects
Electrostatics » it is a study of static electricity
Engineering » the practical application of science to commerce or industry
Etiology » the study of cause of disease
Geology » the Study of condition and structure of the earth
Genetics » the Study of heredity and variations
Geography » the development of science of the earth’s surface, physical features, climate, population
Gerontology » study of old age, its phenomena, diseases
Histology » the study of tissues
Hydrostatics » the mathematical study of forces and pressures in liquids
Mathematics » a science dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
Medicine » the science concerned with maintaining health and restoring it by treating disease
Meteorology » study of the atmosphere that focuses on weather processes and forecasting
Microbiology » the study of microorganisms, including viruses, prokaryotes and simple eukaryotes
Morpbology » the science of organic forms and structures
Mycology » the study of fungi
Nephrology » the study of kidneys
Neurology » the study of nervous system
Numerology » the study of numbers
Odontology » the scientific study of the teeth
Optics » the study of nature and properties of light
Oceanography » the study of the earth’s oceans and their interlinked ecosystems and chemical and physical processes
Petrology » the geological and chemical study of rocks
Physiology » the study of the mechanical, physical, and biochemical functions of living organisms
Physics » the study of the behavior and properties of matter
Philology » the study of written records, their authenticity
Psychology » the study of human and animal behaviour
Pomology » the study of fruits
Phonetics » the study of speech sounds and the production, transmission, reception
Radiology » the study of X-rays and radioactivity
Radiobiology » the branch of biology which deals with the effects of radiations on living organlsms
Rheology » the study of the deformation and flow of matter
Radio Astronomy » The study of heavenly bodies by the reception and analysis of the radio frequency electro-magnetic radiations which they emit or reflect
Seismology » the study of earthquakes and the movement of waves through the earth
Sociology » the study of human society
Spectroscopy » the study of matter and energy by the use of spectroscope
Statistics » the collection and analysis of numerical data
Serpentology » the study of snakes
Taxonomy » the study of classification of organisms
Thermodynamics » the physics of energy, heat, work, entropy and the spontaneity of processes
Topography » A special description of a part or region
Telepathy » Communication between minds by some means other than sensory perception
Therapeutics » The science and art of healing
Toxicology » The study of poisons
Virology » The study of virus
Zoology » The study of animals.
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