jQuery interview questions and answers – Part10

91. With jQuery UI 1.7 being released in the last few days, what do you see as the key parts of jQuery UI 1.7? What are you most proud of out of that release?
The one thing I’m most proud of is that our framework has matured so much since 1.5. We have taken great care to unify our API, fix hundreds of compatibility and behavior issues, and now we truly have a foundation to build upon without needing to rewrite the core functionality again and again. This will allow us to push our features in the next releases in literally no time.

92. What were the biggest challenges of getting the 1.7 release out there?
Our test coverage is still incomplete, and with every fixed bug, we introduced 2 others, which made the arrival at a stable level extremely difficult. Every week, there were some 50-100 bugs entered in the bugtracker, and there was literally no end. Luckily, we were able to triage the bugs to critical and blockers and solve these in time for a release. You have to have a lot of guts to push out a release that’s still imperfect – but an imperfect release is better than one that gets delayed for months. You can always roll out 1.7.1.

93. Jumping off of jQuery UI for a second, Do you release early, release often with all of your projects? What are your thoughts on that strategy?
Speaking for myself, I often release too early. That has been a problem in the past, when we released versions as stable that weren’t, for instance. So it’s important to find a combination of both – a stable release must be stable, while development cannot be halted or blocked through stubborn processes. A labs section is great in that way – it allows developers to contribute freely and plan on an open canvas, with early preview releases, and the work can later be merged back.

94. Have any of your startup projects failed dismally – if so, why and how did you learn from them?
A lot of my side projects failed, as a matter of fact, while others succeeded. Usually, the reason why some project fails is not a technical one, but the fact that one didn’t build meta data around it. That means a dedicated site, documentation, instructions.

95. Mac, Windows or Linux? Why do you love this platform while using jQuery?
I switched to Mac hardware around a year ago and Im totally in love with it. All components work together nicely, and so far, I never had to return my Macbook Pro to the Apple Store because of an issue. However, Im still using Windows through Parallels because OSX, while visually nice and stable, has fundamental usability flaws. One of these flaws is the Finder. I recently worked on the jQuery UI Selectables in the labs version, and once again saw that the Finder had great flaws when it comes down to selection. For instance, if you select multiple items and click on one of them, the multiple selection isn’t cleared. Also, my tools that I love for windows simply don’t have an alternative yet.

96. What are your tools of choice to get the jQuery job done?
For editing files, I love the e texteditor. It basically started as a textmate clone for windows, but since then grew into something much greater. One of the features I can’t live without now is there great multiple selection support. Hold down CTRL, select a couple words through double clicking and then type over all of them. Is that cool or what? On a sidenote, on one of my talks in Japan the audience asked why I’m so insane to use a Textmate clone through an emulated Windows on OSX – I showed them this exact feature, and they were all amazed.
Other than that, I like TortoiseSVN, even if it slows down the Explorer, I love Photoshop, especially the new version with hardware acceleration, Trillian Astra for instant messaging, Gmail for email, Firefox 3 for browsing, VideoLAN for playing video, Keynote for preparing presentations, and WinSCP/Putty to do server administration. Phew, I guess that’s about it.

97. Back onto jQuery UI Can you see jQuery UI making more of an impression in the future, lead by the current successes of jQuery?
This question is difficult to answer because jQuery, other than jQuery UI, can be useful almost everytime. jQuery UI gives you a specific set of user interface widgets and behaviours, and many people think of it as loosing a kind of freedom. On the other hand, there’s definitely some connection – if you’re using Prototype already, and you’re looking for an UI framework, your choice is most often script.aculo.us. If you’re using jQuery, why not use the official side project?

98. what is jQuery connect?
It is a jquery plugin which enables us to connect a function to another function. It is like assigning a handler for another function. This situation happens when you are using any javascript plugins and you want to execute some function when ever some function is executed from the plugin. This we can solve using jquery connect function.

99. How to use jQuery.connect?
download jquery.connect.js file
include this file in your html file.
and use $.connect function to connect a function to another function.

100. Different ways of using $.connect function in jQuery?
The syntax of connect function is $.connect(sourceObj/*object*/, sourceFunc/*string*/, callObj/*object*/, callFunc/*string or Func*/)

sourceObj(optional) is the object of the source function to which we want to connect
sourceFunc is the function name to which we want to connect
callObj(optional) is the object which we want to use for the handler function
callFunc is the function that we want to execute when sourceFunc is executed.

Here sourceObj, callObj are optional for the global functions.
suppose if your sourceFunc is global function then no need to pass the sourceObj or you can use null or self
suppose if your callObj is global function then no need to pass the callObj or you can use null or self

// fun1, fun2 are global functions
1. $.connect(‘fun1′,fun2)
2. $.connect(null,’fun1′,fun2)
3. $.connect(self,’fun1′,fun2)
4. $.connect(‘fun1′,null,fun2)
5. $.connect(‘fun1′,self,fun2)
6. $.connect(self,’fun1′,null,fun2)


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