jQuery interview questions and answers – Part5

41. Where can we download JQuery?
jQuery javascript can be downloaded from jQuery official website – www.jquery.com

42. What are all the ways to include jQuery in a page?
Following are the ways to include jQuery in a page:
• Local copy inside script tag
• Remote copy of jQuery.com
• Remote copy of Ajax API
• Local copy of script manager control
• Embedded script using client script object

43. How can we debug jQuery?
There are two ways to debug jQuery:
Debugger keyword
• Add the debugger to the line from where we have to start debugging and then run Visual Studio in Debug mode with F5 function key.
• Insert a break point after attaching the process

44. Which program is useful for testing jQuery?
QUnit is used to test jQuery and it is very easy and efficient.

45. Whether jQuery HTML work for both HTML and XML documents?
No, jQuery HTML only works for HTML documents not for XML Documents.

46. Is jQuery is a JavaScript or JSON library file?
jQuery is a library of JavaScript file and it consists of DOM, event effects and the Ajax functions. jQuery is said to be a single JavaScript file.

47. Which command will give a version of jQuery?
The command $.ui.version returns jQuery UI version.

48. What is jQuery Selectors? Give some examples.
• jQuery Selectors are used to select one or a group of HTML elements from your web page.
• jQuery support all the CSS selectors as well as many additional custom selectors.
• jQuery selectors always start with dollar sign and parentheses: $()
• There are three building blocks to select the elements in a web document.
1) Select elements by tag name
Example: $(div)
It will select all the div elements in the document.
2) Select elements by ID
Example: $(#xyzid”)
It will select single element that has an ID of xyzid
3) Select elements by class
Example: $(“.xyzclass”)
It will select all the elements having class xyzclass

49. Does jQuery 2.0 supports IE?
No. jQuery 2.0 has no support for IE 6, IE 7 and IE 8.

50. What are source maps in jQuery?
In case of jQuery, Source Map is nothing but mapping of minified version of jQuery against the un-minified version. Source map allows to debug minified version of jQuery library. Source map feature was release with jQuery 1.9.

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