Metals and Elements GK Questions – Part 14

131. Which metal is kept under kerosine?
a. Sodium
b. Carbon
c. Nitrogen
d. zink
a. Sodium

132. What is added to remove permanent hardness of water?
a. Cooking soda
b. Laughing gas
c. Washing soda
d. Facial Cream
c. Washing soda

133. Name the metal present in photo films?
a. Tungsten
b. Zinc
c. Silver
d. Lead
c. Silver

134. Liquefied Petroleum Gas consists mainly which gases?
a. Lead, butane and propane
b. Lead, butane and Carbon
c. Methane, butane and propane
d. Methane, butane and Carbon
C. Methane, butane and propane

135. Which element is obtained from sea weeds?
a. Nitrogen
b. Iodine
c. Sulphur
d. Iron
b. Iodine

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