Space Science Questions and Answers – Part 10

91. When was the first American rocket launched?
16th March 1926.

92. Who travelled in Skylab-2?
Allen Bien, Owen Garriet and Jack Lusman.

93. Who travelled in Skylab – 3 of America?
Jeraldkar, Edward Gibson and Pog

94. Which is the first space shuttle?
Columbia launched on April 12th 1981.

95. The first woman who travelled in a space shuttle?
Sally Ride (USA) June 18th, 1983 (Challenger).

96. Which US space shuttle exploded in midair?
Challenger on January 28th 1986.

97. What is the record for the longest shuttle flight in space?
13 days

98. Which space craft was launched to probe Mars?
pathfinder in 1997

99. Which orbital space station was launched by Russia on Februrary20th 1986?

100. Which is the first European Nation to launch a Statellite?

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