Space Science Questions and Answers – Part 3

21.Which is the brightest star?
Sirius, More than 6 million times brighter than the sun.

22. Which star is called the Polaris?
North Star

23. Why stars are seen in colours?
They are seen in different colours according to the temperature of their surfaces.

24. How stars produce energy?
By Nuclear fusion

25. What are nebulae?
The dust clouds in outer space are called nebulae. They are vast and distant. Normally they are composed of dust (about 2%), hydrogen and other elements found in stars.

26. In which constellation is a big nebula still giving birth to stars?

27.Which scintist gave detailed information about nebulae?
CharlesMadier, W.Herschel, R. Milkovsky, L.H. Aller Barman and Van Manner

28. Whar are luminous irregular nebulae?
They are luminous irregular cloudy patches appearing in the sky.

29. Which are known as non-luminous irregular nebulae?
It will not be possible to see the stars shining in some dark regions of the sky. The nebulae occurig in these regions are known as non-luminous irregular nebulae.

30. Which are the important pulsating nebulae?
Hubling and Toury.

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