Space Science Questions and Answers – Part 4

31. What are reflecting nebulae?
They are the cosmic cloud dust reflecting stellar light.

32. What are super galaxial nebulae?
Irregular nebulae which emanate radiation waves.

33. What are comets?
Comets are stars with tails. The word comet is derived from the Greek “Aster Comets” meaning long haired star. The long hais is the tail o fthe comet which looks like hair. The head of the comet is the star.

34. Which is the most famous comet?
Halley’s comet is the most famous comet which reaches the solar system in every 76.1 years.

35. Which is the largest comet?
Holmes comet is the largest comet

36.Which comet collided with Jupiter?
Shoe Maker Levi 9 inn 1996

37. Which comet is on a collision course with earth on 17th August, 2116?
Swift Tuttle.

38. Which scientist made detatiled study on Novae?
Tycho Brahe

39. What is super nova?
A star that explodes catastrophically due to instabilities following the exhaustion of its nuclear fuel, becoming for a few days up to one hundred million times brighter than the sun.

40. Which is the star nearsest to earth?
Proxima Centauri

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