Space Science Questions and Answers – Part 6

51. What are Quasars?
They are the mysterious heavenly bodies which may be mistaken to be stars on first obervation. It is classified as radio galaxies.

52. Where is the largest reflector telescope situated?
It is situated at Mount Semirodriki in Mount Caucasus, Russia. It is installed at a height of 2080 meter.

53. Who invented telescope?
Hans Lippershey on Oct.2, 1608. (Galileo later improved upon it and made a similar instrument which can magnify up to 30 times.

54. Which is the largest refractor telescope?
It is situated at Yerkes Observatory in Chicago University. (USA)

55. Who discovered radio Telescope?
Karl Jansky (USA) in 1931; later Gorte Reber developed it in 1937.

56. Who were the ancient Indian astronomers?
Barhma, Vasishta, Atri, Manu, Pulasthya, Lomesa, Saunaka, Garga, Kasypa, Parasara, Vyasa, Narada, Bhrigu, Chyavna, Aryabhatta and Bhaskaracharya

57. Who were the ancient astronomer of the west?
ptolemy, Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, Kepler, Galileo, Issac Newton, David Hervacius, Simon and Moraes.

58. Who propounded the signs of the Zodiac?
The Babilonians

59. Who stated that planets are originated from the collision of the sun and comet?
George Jusde Buffon

60. Which was the International Geophysical year?
The period from 1st July 1957 to 31st December 1958.

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