Space Science Questions and Answers – Part 7

61. What is the significans of International Geophysical year?
It is from this period that the major space travels and experiments have been initiated.

62. Who is the first American launched in a space ship?
John. H. Glenn.

63. Who are the space couples?
Aldrin Nikaloyev and Valentina Tereshkova.

64. The great joint space programme sponsored by Russia and USA?
Apollo-17, Soyuz-19 were sent into the orbit on 15th july 1975.

65. Who was the first cosmonaut?
Yuri Gagarin; who later died in a jet plane crash near Moscow on 27th March 1968.

66. Who is the father of space science?
konstantine, Tsialkovsky (Russia)

67. Which is the first space ship that took man to space?
Vostok (Yuri Gagarin) on April 12, 1961

68. Who is the first female cosmonaut?
Valentina Tereskova (The spaceship Vostok – 6 on june 16, 1963).

69. The second female cosmonaut?
Svetlana Savitskaya of Russia on August 19th 1982.

70. When was “Frighter”, the first austonomic space craft of Soviet Union, launched?
On January 20th 1978, the first type of space craft with automatic controls and guided by ground stations.

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