Space Science Questions and Answers – Part 8

71. The first animal which reached space:
The dog named Laika (It orbited around the earth in the spaceship sputnik-2 in November 1957).

72. Which was the first space rocket to hit the moon?

73. Which is the first communication satellite of the worl?
Echo. USA

74. The first man who walked in space
Aleksey A. Lenov (Voskhod 2) on 18th March 1965 (Russia)

75. Which is the first artificial satellite launched to the Mars
Mars -III (Russia – 1971)

76. Which is the first artificial satellite launche the the Venus?
Venus-3 (Russia – 1966)

77. Who is the oldest cosmonaut?
Dr. William Thronton (USA)

78. The first American who entered space?
Allen Shepered on May 5th 1961 (Liberty Bell- 7)

79. Which is the first unmanned space vehicle which landed on the moon?
Luna-9 (Russia) on January 31st 1996

80. Who is first to die in space flight?
Col. Komerov on April 23, 1967.

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