Space Science Questions and Answers – Part 9

81. The first man who walked on the moon
Niel Armstrong followed by Aldrin (July 21 st, 1969).

82. Which was the vehicle used for the first landing on the Moon?
Apollo- 11

83. Which is the landing craft used by Armstrong on the Moon?

84. Which unnammed space vehicle fetched rock pieces from the Moon?
Luna – 16 on 12th september 1970.

85. Which Satellite approached the jupiter and conducted experiments for the first time?
Pioneer – 30 (USA). It passed through the neighbouthood of the Jupiter on 3rd December 1973.

86. When did Chinal launched the first ” Space physics Experiment Satellite”?
On September 23, 1981 with a single carrier rocket.

87. When was the American space shuttle “Challenger” launched?
On 18th june 1983.

88. Who commanded the Challenger’s first flight?
Robert Crippen.
Niel Armstrong followed by Aldrin (July 21 st, 1969).
Five (5)

90. When did the Challenger return to the Earth after its first mission?
On 24th June 1983.

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