Space Science Questions and Answers

This is the Part 1 general knowledge questions and answers section on “Space Science” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

space science gk questions and answers


1.What is meant by Space science
Space science is the branch o study which endeavours to reveal the mysteries of space

2.In Modern science, what is “the fourth dimension”?
Time is the fourth dimension; modern science sees space and time as a unity, called “spacetime”

3.What are galaxies?
Galaxies are formations of innumerable stars grouped together by force of gravity

4. How many types of galaxies are there?
Three types
(1) Spiral
(2) Irregular
(3) Oval

5. What is Heavenly Ganges (Milky Way) galaxy?
The milky way is a spiral galaxy. The main body of the galaxy is a disc 100,000 light years across with a globular nucleus of about 16,000 light years in diameter. It consists of more than a hundred billion stars. The solar systems belongs to the milky way.

6. Which other galaxy is similar to the Milky Way?
Andromeda galaxy

7. Which is the farthest visible object in space?
Andromeda galaxy

8. What is super galaxy?
The largest indistinguishable galaxy formation

9. What is the distance between two galaxies?
It is estimated to be a million light years

10. Which is the only star of the Milky Way galaxy?

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