Human Anatomy & Physiology Questions – Part 12

This is the Part 12 general knowledge questions and answers section on “Human Anatomy & Physiology” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

111. What is difference between histology and histopathology?
Histology is the microscopic study of normal tissues of the body and Histopathology is the microscopic study of tissues which are affected by disease.

112. What is a cell?
A cell is a mass of protoplasm enclosed within a membrane containing a subdivision, the nucleus.

113. What is nucleus?
The nucleus contains most of the genetic material of the cell. It is bounded by two membranes each rather similarly to cytoplasmic membranes.

114. what are chromosomes?
They are small thread-like bodies which are seen within nuclei, during cell division.

115. How many chromosomes are there in a body cell?
23 pairs, one of each pair derived from father and the other from the mother.

116. What are the constituents of blood?
Blood consist of Plasma, erythrocytes (red blood cells), leucocyte (white blood cells) and thrombocytes (platelets).

117. What is plasma?
Plasma is a complex solution of proteins, salt and numerous substance and acts as a transport medium carrying its constituents to specialized organs of the body.

118. Which was the first molecular disease to be detected?
Sickle cell Anaemia.

119. Which gland helps to maintain the calcium content in the blood?

120. What are erythrocytes?
These cells are seen under microscope as non nucleated, pale greenish-yellow, binocave discs. Its primary function is to transport oxygen from the lungs, via heart to the tissues. They normally survive in the blood stream for 120 days.

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