Human Anatomy & Physiology Questions – Part 15

This is the Part 15 general knowledge questions and answers section on “Human Anatomy & Physiology” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

141. What is allergy?
It is a specific hypersensitiveness to a substance which is harmless for the majority of members of the same species.

142. What is absces?
Absces is localized formation of pus in a cavity produced by the breakdown of tissues.

143. What is infection?
Invasion and injury of the tissues of the body by pathogenic organisms is called infection.

144. What is chemotherapy?
The treatment of disease bu the ad,omostration of chemicals.

145. Who is the first test tube baby?
Lousie Joy Brown born in UK on july 25, 1978.

146.Who is the first indian test tube baby?
Durga is the first Indian test tube girl

147. Who was the doctor behind the birth of the first Indian test tube baby in india?
Dr. Indira Hinduja

148. Which disease is caused by infection of HIV virus?

149. What is the name of the test for the detection of AIDS?
Elisa test.

150. How much time do a man breath in his life time?
If a man live to be 75, he will have breathed no less than 600 million times.

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