World Geography Gk Questions and Answers – Part4

This is the Part 4 general knowledge questions and answers section on “World Geography Questions and Answers” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. 

31. What are Poles?
Poles are the ends of earth’s axis. One end is called the North Pole and the other the South Pole.

32. What are Tropics?
They are imaginary circles on the celestial sphere about 23oC North or South of the Equator, when the sun turns on reaching its greatest declination North or South.

33.Why does the sky appear Blue?
The appear Blue because of the scattering of light by dust particles or air molecules in the atmosphere. The smaller the wavelength the wider the scattering. As the blue colour has the smallest wavelength, thesky appears blue.

34. What is midnight Sun?
In the arctic region the sun is visible even at midnight for some months. This is called midnight Sun.

35. what is called Orbit?
It is the eliptical path of earth’s revolution round the sun.

36. What is magnetic Storm?
It is an abnormal disturbance of the magnetic field of the earth. They are associated with sun spots.

37. What is erosion?
Gradual wearing away of portions of earth’s surface by rain, snow and wind.

38. What is horizon?
The circular line where the sky and the earth or sea appear to meet.

39. What is the difference between Isobars and Isotherms?
Isobars are lines on a map joining those places whch have the same barometric pressure. Isothrms are lines on a map joining those places which have the same mean temperature.

40. What is a Continent?
A Continent is a major land mass including both the region of dry land abovve sea level and the continental shelf. 29% of the surface of the Earth is made up of continents.

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