Zoology Questions and Answers – Part13

This is the Part 13 general knowledge questions and answers section on “Zoology” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. 

121. Which is the worlds smallest and ferocious mammal?
The Shrew; a tiny mouse like mammal only two inches long and weighs about as much as a nickel.

122. which marine mammal’s flesh is mostly used by Eskimos?
The walrus; a large marine mammal allied to seals, characterised by the prolongation of the upper canine teeth into tusks. Its flesh is eatern by eskimos, and the oil, hide and ivory also valuable.

123. What is the branch of zoology dealing with whales called?

124. What is the fat of whale called?

125. What is hippology?
The study of horses is called Hippology.

126. Which animal has the highest gestation periods and how many days?
Elephant, 600-630 days.

127. For what rats and rabbits use their claws?
To dig burrows

128. What peculiar characteristic do the Hippopotamus and Tapir share?
Though they live exclusively on land, they defecate in the water.

129. Which are the two kinds of animals that scientist describe as warm blooded, what are they?
Birds and mammals.

130. What is called animals living on the sea floor?

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