Dr. Shantha

FAMOUS AS : Adyar Cancer Institute Chairperson
BORN ON :  March 11, 1927
BORN IN : Mylapore, Chennai
FOUNDER/CO-FOUNDER : Adyar Cancer Institute
Profession : Doctor, Educationalist, Scientist
AWARDS : Magsaysay Award, Padma Shri

  • Dr. Shantha, aged about 70 years is the chairperson of the Cancer Institute (WIA), Adyar, Chennai.
  • The Outlook magazine’s survey of hospitals in the country ranked it as the best with respect to ‘competence of doctors’ and second in all other aspects.
  • “From saving one out of three patients, we are now aiming at two out three patients, besides an almost 60 percent success rate in paediatric leukaemia,” says Dr. Shantha with pride glittering in her eyes.
  • V. Shantha, commented that 76 per cent of the movies show tobacco in some form and 50 per cent of the time the hero is shown smoking.
  • She appealed to cine stars not to smoke on screen since they set a bad example to young filmgoers. Speaking at a function organized by WHO on “Tobacco – free films and fashion,”
  • Kamal Hassan swore that he would never again wield a cigarette before the camera. The Cancer Institute has invited film and TV stars, directors and producers for a dialogue to evolve smoking – free films.
  • There was conceived an innovative fund-raising campaign “Iruvadhu Muthal Iruvadhu varai”, to collect Rs. 20 from the public till the target of Rs. 20  crores was reached by the Cancer Institute.
  • It was launched to facilitate the Institute’s expansion plans. It is not just about collecting money, but a way of creating awareness and generating hope and positive action among people about cancer.
  • The Institute began with two doctors Krishnamurthy and Shantha, a single building with minimal diagnostic and therapeutic facilities and a cluster of 12 huts to house the inpatients.
  • The only cancer hospital in south India, it was established with public donations as a voluntary, charitable and non-profitable institution.
  • Shantha tries to lead by example and feels that if doctors worked in a corporate set-up, they would probably earn three to four times the salary they are drawing here.
  • Shantha cannot be identified apart from her institution. She took over the cancer hospital 25 years ago and is as devoted to it as she was when she joined in 1954.
  • She was honoured by the Belgium-based International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research (INCTR) with the Award for outstanding work in a country with Limited Resources.  CURE Foundation Award Presentation during its inaugural function honoured doctors from India and aboard.  V. Shantha, Adyar Cancer Institute was the Indian awardee.  Last but not the least has been the Magsaysay Award (2003), another feather in the cap of this committed doctor.
  • Selfless service with endless journey reverberates her noble commitment and keeps saving many from the clutches of death.

dr shantha adyar cancer institute

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