V.V. Giri

Here we listed out some interesting facts about the fourth president of india VV Giri, with his Biography, Profile, Facts, Timeline, Awards, Achievement, etc

Born: 10 August 1894
Birth Place: Berhampur, Odisha, India
Nationality: Indian
Died: 24 June 1980, Chennai, India
Parents: V. V. Jogayya Pantulu
Spouse(s): Saraswati Bai (1904-1978)
Books: Labour Problems in Indian Industry
Previous offices: President of India (1969–1974), Acting President of India (1969–1969), Vice-President of India (1967–1969)
Awards: Bharat Ratna

  • The fourth President of India, Varahagiri Venjatagiri better known as V.V. Giri was born on August 10, 1894 at Berhampur.
  • His father V.V. Jogaiah Pantulu was a prosperous lawyer at Berhammpur who also took active part in the National Movement.
  • The freedom struggle in Ireland left a deep impact on him and he was so inspired by De Valera, leaders of the Sinn Fein group, that he hoined the Sinn Fein group.
  • Giri’s involvement with the Sinn Fein group resulted in his being expelled from Ireland in 1916.
  • He was an active member of the Congress from 1917 to 1922. In response to Gadhihi’s call for non-co-operation, V.V. Giri gave up his practice.
  • He was also arrested and imprisoned for a while in 1921 for his participation in the freedom movement.
  • In 1927, Giri attended the International Labour Conference at Geneva. In 1931-32 he attended the Second  Round Table Conference in London as the worker’s representative.
  • From 1934 to 1937, Giri was a member of the Indian Legislative Assembly.  When the Congress formed a Government  in Madras, Giri was made the Minister of Labour and Industries.
  • In 1942 during the ‘Quit India’ movement, Giri returned to the labour movement and was imprisoned with a few others.
  • After India became independent, Giri was appointed High Commissioner in Ceylon and in 1952 he was elected to the Lok Sabha. In 1954 he was made Minister for Labour in the Central Government.
  • 1957 onwards Giri held several important posts. He was Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Mysore.  He won several friends, initiated new activities and became a mentor for the younger generation and inspired them.  Giri continued with his social work.
  • Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy was one of the candidates and was supported by Morarji Desai, K. Kamaraj and S.K. Patil but Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India supported Giri, and he won the elections by a narrow majority. Giri was President of India from 1969  to 1974.
  • V. Giri has written two important books, one on ‘Industrial Relations’and the other on ‘Labour problems in Indian Industry’.
  • Giri was an able stateman and was honoured with several degrees by various Universities. The Universities of Benaras, Andhra and Lucknow conferred the degree of D.Litt. on him and the Universities of Agra, Mascow and Bulgaria honoured him with the degree of LLD.
  • This able statesman who was decorated with the ‘Bharat Ratna’ award in 1974, passed away on June 24, 1980 at Madras.

former prime minister of india vv giri biography

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