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Welcome to the Computer Awareness Section of Tut2learn. This section provides constructive tutorials to important facts, problems, Tricks, Hacks, of computer. This would help us to learn without any requirement of qualification. Further it provides guidance to face general interviews. Main aim of this section is provide a guidance to non-computer professional knowing about computer.

Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examination – Part 18

426. Which of the following is an example of computer software? 1) Impact printer                   (2) Console 3) Payroll package                  (4) OCR 5) None of these 427. Programmers use a variety of…………… to communicate instructions to the computer. 1)   Programming languages 2)   System languages 3)   High level languages 4)   Low level languages 5)   None of these


Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examination – Part 17

400. The text layout within a paragraph with respect to document margins 1) Line alignment                   (2) Space alignment 3) Text alignment                   (4) Paragraph alignment 5) None of these 401. Which field allows to select items from drop down list? 1) An OLE field                        (2) A memo field 3) A lookup field                     (4) A hyperlink field


Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examination – Part 16

376. X copy command can copy 1)   Individual files or group of files 2)   Directories including sub-directories 3)   To diskette of a different capacity 4)   All of the above 5)   None of the above 377. Which command is used to make a new directory? 1) Md                                      (2) Cd 3) Rd                                       (4) All of these 5)


Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examination – Part 15

351. The view that puts a blue fine around each page that would be printed is the 1) Print preview                     2) Normal view 3) Page break preview         4) Split view 5) None of these 352. Auto calculate will quickly add selected cells if you 1)       Right click on the status bar and select sum 2)      


Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examination – Part 14

326.  The bar which shows your current status is the document is called 1) Status                      2) Standard 3) Format                     4) Title 5) None of these 327. You can delete one character using this key 1) Backspace        2) Delete 3) Edit                     4) Format 5) None of these 328.  You can use this alignment to centralize your


Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examination – Part 13

301. What are lines, curve, freeform and scribble? 1)      Emphasis effects that can be applied to animations 2)      Types of custom motion paths 3)      Predefined entrance and exit effects 4)      All of the above 5)      None of the above 302. Comments on a presentation can record who wrote the and when they were added. What’s


Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examination – Part 12

276.Instruction’s to computer are given through 1) Input unit                           2) ALU unit 3) Keyboard                            4) pen drive 5) None of these 277.Calculations are made in computer with the help of its  1)memory                2) control unit 3) ALU                                     4) CPU 5) None of these 278. A unit of measure equal to approximately 1 billion bytes is called


Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examination – Part 11

251. It is a note that accounts for an amount owed by a person or company 1) debit note 2) credit note 3) sales note 4) purchase note 5) None of these 252. It is a note that acknowledges and accounts for an amount by a person or a company 1) Debit note                         2) Credit note 3) Sales note                          4)


Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examination – Part 10

226. In which year the first operating system was developed? 1) 1910 (2) 1940 3) 1950                                   (4) 1980 5) None of these 227. MS-DOS developed in 1) 1991        ‘                          (2) 1984 3) 1971                                   (4) 1961 5) None of these 228. Maximum length of DOS command using any optional parameter is 1) 26 characters                    (2) 87


Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examination – Part 9

201. Traffic in a VPN is not 1)   invisible from public networks 2)   logically separated from other traffic 3)   accessible from unauthorized public networks 4)   restricted to a single protocol in IP Sec 5)   None of the above 202. The term ‘briefcase’ is used for a 1)   special folder on windows desktop used to keep


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