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Welcome to the Computer Awareness Section of Tut2learn. This section provides constructive tutorials to important facts, problems, Tricks, Hacks, of computer. This would help us to learn without any requirement of qualification. Further it provides guidance to face general interviews. Main aim of this section is provide a guidance to non-computer professional knowing about computer.

Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examination – Part 8

176.  What is the number of bit patterns provided by a 7-bit  code? 1)256       (2) 128        (3)64     (4)512 5) All of these 177. Regarding a VDU, which statement is more correct? 1) It is an output device    (2) It is an input device 3) It is a peripheral device (4) It is a hardware item


Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examination – Part 7

151.  A byte is comprised of 1) one bit                      2) four bits 3) Eight bits                  4) Sixteen bits 5) None of these 152.  A hard copy would be prepared on a 1)       Line printer 2)       Dot matrix printer 3)        Typewriter terminal 4)        Plotter 5)        All of the these 153.  Which one is the secondary memory


Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examination – Part 6

126. An application suitable for sequential processing is 1) processing of grades (2) payroll processing 3) Both (1) and (2) (4) All of these 5) None of these 127. Which of the following devices can be used to directly input printed text? 1) OCR (2) OMR 3) Both (1) and (2) (4) MICR 5) All


Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examination – Part 5

101.  One among the following sentences is incorrect.  Which is that? 1)       Area above 1 MB is called extended memory 2)       All programmes can use the extended memory 3)       Operating system always loaded in high memory 4)       All of the above 5)       None of the above 102. What is an operating system? 1)       It is


Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examination – Part 4

76.  In Excel, each sheet in a work book is displayed as 1) Tab                                   (2) Down Pointing Arrow 3) Floating Point Arrow    (4) Marker 5) None of these 77.  Which of the following is a popular DOS based spreadsheet? 1) Excel                           (2) Word 3) Smart Cell                  (4) Lotus 1-2-3 5) None of these


Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examination – Part 3

51. Computers built before the first generation of  computers were? 1) Mechanical 2) Electro-mechanical  (3) Electrical 4) All of these 5) None of these 52. IBM stands for 1)       Indian Business Machines 2)       International Business Machines 3)       International Banking Machines 4)       International Business Model 5)       None of the above 53. Which of the following options correctly


Computer Awareness Q & A for Competitive Examination – Part 2

26.  What are ‘Laptops’? 1)       Computers used in clinical laboratories 2)       A computer manufactured by Compaq 3)       A computer having voice recognition system 4)       Lightweight computers, small enough to fit in a small suitcase 5)       None of the above 27. The basic architecture of computer was developed by 1)   John Von Neumann 2)   Charles Babbage


Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examinations

This is the Part 1 general knowledge questions and answers section on “Computer Awareness” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.   1. In order to include picture data type must be 1) OLE                                                (2)


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