Reference – India

This is the general knowledge reference guide section on “India GK Referencee Guide” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.

  1. India Boundaries
  2. Largest, Highest, Longest, Biggest In India
  3. Places Famous For Sculpture, Antiquaries & Historical Events in India
  4. Tourist Centres & Health Resorts in India
  5. Physical Science Laboratories & Research Institutions in India
  6. Chemical Science Laboratories & Research Institutions in India
  7. Engineering Research Institutes in India
  8. Biological Science Research Centre in India
  9. Scientific Museums in India
  10. Medical Reasearch Institutions in India
  11. Co-Operative Research Institutions in India
  12. Study Of Diseases &Treatment Research Institutions in India
  13. Micro-Biology & Related Studies in India
  14. Departmental Research Centre in India
  15. Nuclear Reasarch Centres in India
  16. Space Research Centre in India
  17. National Surveys & Other Institutions in india
  18. Installation Centre in India
  19. Important Museums In India
  20. Important Minaral Resources in India
  21. Irrigation And Power Project in India
  22. Highest Indian Structures
  23. National Parks In India
  24. First In India
  25. Important Fairs And Festivals Of India
  26. Public Undertakings Of Railway in India
  27. Railway Zones in India
  28. Railway Manufacturing Unit in India
  29. Important National Highways in India
  30. Major Ports In India
  31. Shipyards In India
  32. International Inland Aerodromes in India
  33. International Airports in India
  34. Important Wildlife Sanctuary in India
  35. Important Nuclear power plants in India
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