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Software Testing Interview Questions – Part 7

21. Explain Storage Testing. Testing that verifies the program under test stores data files in the correct directories and that it reserves sufficient space to prevent unexpected termination resulting from lack of space. This is external storage as opposed to internal storage. 22. What is N+1 Testing? A variation of  Regression Testing. Testing conducted with

Software Testing Interview Questions – Part 6

11. What is Test Environment? The hardware and software environment in which tests will be run, and any other software with which the software under test interacts when under test including stubs and test drivers. 12. What is Static Analyzer? A tool that carries out static analysis. 13. Define User Acceptance Testing. A formal product

Software Testing Interview Questions – Part 5

1. What is White Box Testing? Testing based on an analysis of internal workings and structure of a piece of software. Includes techniques such as Branch Testing and Path Testing. Also known as Structural Testing and Glass Box Testing. Contrast withBlack Box Testing. 2. What is Path Testing? Testing in which all paths in the

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