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Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examination – Part 13

301. What are lines, curve, freeform and scribble? 1)      Emphasis effects that can be applied to animations 2)      Types of custom motion paths 3)      Predefined entrance and exit effects 4)      All of the above 5)      None of the above 302. Comments on a presentation can record who wrote the and when they were added. What’s

Computer Awareness Q&A for Competitive Examination – Part 12

276.Instruction’s to computer are given through 1) Input unit                           2) ALU unit 3) Keyboard                            4) pen drive 5) None of these 277.Calculations are made in computer with the help of its  1)memory                2) control unit 3) ALU                                     4) CPU 5) None of these 278. A unit of measure equal to approximately 1 billion bytes is called

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