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.Net Interview Questions and Answers – Part 8

71. What is the use of base keyword? Tell me a practical example for base keyword’s usage? The base keyword is used to access members of the base class from within a derived class: * Call a method on the base class that has been overridden by another method. * Specify which base-class constructor should

.Net Interview Questions and Answers – Part 7

61. What are the new thee features of COM+ services, which are not there in COM (MTS)? Role based security. Neutral apartment threading. New environment called context which defines the execution environment 62. What are the differences between COM architecture and.NET architecture? .Net architecture has superseded the old COM architecture providing a flexible rapid application

.Net Interview Questions and Answers – Part 6

51.  How do you create threading in.NET? What is the namespace for that? System.Threading; //create new thread using the thread class’s constructor Thread myThread = new Thread(new ThreadStart (someFunction)); 52. What do you mean by Serialize and MarshalByRef? Serialization is the act of saving the state of an object so that it can be recreated

.Net Interview Questions and Answers – Part 5

41. What are possible implementations of distributed applications in .NET? .NET Remoting and ASP.NET Web Services. If we talk about the Framework Class Library, noteworthy classes are in System.Runtime.Remoting and System.Web.Services. 42. What are the consideration in deciding to use .NET Remoting or ASP.NET Web Services? Remoting is a more efficient communication exchange when you

.Net Interview Questions and Answers – Part 4

31. What is a Manifest? An assembly manifest contains all the metadata needed to specify the assembly’s version requirements and security identity, and all metadata needed to define the scope of the assembly and resolve references to resources and classes. The assembly manifest can be stored in either a PE (Portable Executable) file (an .exe

.Net Interview Questions and Answers – Part 3

21. What is globalization? Globalization is the process of customizing applications that support multiple cultures and regions. 22. What is localization? Localization is the process of customizing applications that support a given culture and regions. 23. What is MIME? The definition of MIME or Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions as stated in MSDN is “MIME is

.Net Interview Questions and Answers – Part 2

11. What is an Interface? An interface is a standard or contract that contains only the signatures of methods or events. The implementation is done in the class that inherits from this interface. Interfaces are primarily used to set a common standard or contract. 12. What is business logic? It is the functionality which handles

.Net Interview Questions and Answers – Part 1

1. What is .NET? .NET is essentially a framework for software development. It is similar in nature to any other software development framework (J2EE etc) in that it provides a set of runtime containers/capabilities, and a rich set of pre-built functionality in the form of class libraries and APIs The .NET Framework is an environment

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