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Tut2learn’s Gk for examination section is a compilation of recent current events. This Gk for examination section is updated almost daily. Tut2learn publishes relevant fact based Current events almost daily basis. This Gk for examination section helps you to keep a watch on current happenings and may be useful for Gk for examination part of IBPS Banking, SSC-CGL, Bank Clerical, UPSC, TNPSC, MPSC and other all competitive examinations.

Books and Authors General Knowledge Questions – Part 6

51. Which of the film is directed by Mr. Buddhadeb Gupta? A. Mohra B. Krantiveer C. 1942 – A Love Story D. Charachar Answer: D. Charachar 52. ‘Neela Chand’ which won the Vyas Samman for 1992 is written by A. Shiv Prasad Singh B. Subash Mukhopadhyay C. Ram Vilas Sharma D. Ramakant Rath Answer: A.


Books and Authors General Knowledge Questions – Part 5

41. The book named ‘Three Decades in Parliament’ is a collection of the speeches of A. A. B. Vajpayee B. Somnath Chatterjee C. L. K. Advani D. N. G. Ranga Answer: A. A. B. Vajpayee 42. Who said ‘Man is a political animal’? A. Dante B. Aristotle C. Socrates D. Plato Answer: B. Aristotle 43.


Books and Authors General Knowledge Questions – Part 4

31. ‘The Gathering Storm’ is written by A. Winston Churchill B. George Washington C. Voltaire D. Romain Rolland Answer: A. Winston Churchill 32. The television serial ‘Charitraheen’ is based on the famous novel of which of the following authors? A. Rabindranath Tagore B. Sarat Chandra Chattopadhaya C. Tara Sankar Bandhopadhya D. Bankim Chandra Chatterji Answer:


Books and Authors General Knowledge Questions – Part 3

21. Which of the following English films was the first one to be dubbed in Hindi? A. Aladdin B. Universal Soldier C. Speed D. Iron Man Answer: A. Aladdin 22. Who wrote the book ‘Reminiscences of the Nehru Age’? A. C.D.Deshmukh B. Dr. P.C.Alexander C. M.O.Mathai D. S.C.Rajagopalachari Answer: C. M.O.Mathai 23. Aurobindo was the


Books and Authors General Knowledge Questions – Part 2

11. ‘A Voice for Freedom’ is a book written by A. Corazon Aquino B. Nayantara Sahgal C. Aung San Suu Kyi D. Benazir Bhutto Answer: B. Nayantara Sahgal 12. Who is the father of English Poetry? A. Milton B. Wordsworth C. Chaucer D. Charles Dickens Answer: C. Chaucer 13. The popular TV serial ‘Neem ka


Books and Authors General Knowledge Questions

This is the Part 1 general knowledge questions and answers section on “Books and Authors” with explanation for various interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.   1. Who wrote the famous book – ‘We the people’? A. T.N.Kaul B.


World Organization GK Questions & Anwers – Part 8

71. India was elected as a President of General Assembly of the United Nations in 1953. Who occupied this office on behalf of India? A. S. Radha Krishnan B. Gopalswamy Iyyengar C. V.K. Krishna Menon D. Vijayalakshmi Pandit Answer: D. Vijayalakshmi Pandit 72. United Nations adapted a Charter of Economic Rights in the year A.


World Organization GK Questions & Anwers – Part 7

61. The NAM summit which demanded expansion of the United Nations Security council had met at A. Tehran B. Cairo C. Harare D. Jakarta Answer: D. Jakarta 62. Which of the following countries is not a member of a SAARC A. Sri Lanka B. Myanmar C. Maldives D. Bhutan Answer: B. Myanmar 63. Where was


World Organization GK Questions & Anwers – Part 6

51. The number of principal organs of UNO is A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 D. 6 Answer: C. 5 52. G-7 includes A. South Africa B. Australia C. India D. Italy Answer: D. Italy 53. INTERPOL means A. International Political Conference B. International Criminal Police Organisation C. None of these D. International Association of


World Organization GK Questions & Anwers – Part 5

41. Which of the following is Human Rights Organisation? A. The French community B. The Organisation of African Unity C. The Arab League D. Amnesty International Answer: D. Amnesty International 42. The headquarters of International Atomic Energy Agency is located in A. Vienna B. London C. Geneva D. Washington Answer: A. Vienna 43. The head


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