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How to prepare GK for Competitive Exams?

Here we listed out tips for “How to prepare GK for Competitive Exams?”. This helpful to crack upcoming Competitive Examinations like UPSC, TNPSC, TET, CTET, TNTET, MPSC, SSC, RRB, IBPS, etc., #GK, #GeneralKnowledge, #CompetitiveExams, #UPSC, #TNPSC, #SSC, #GKIndia, #GKQuestions, #GKpreparation

World’s 2nd largest HSR in Chennai by China

China which has mastered in ‘High Speed Rail’ technology is ready to offer assistance to develop world’s second largest HSR in Chennai. India had tied up with Japan for rail network between Mumbai and Ahmedabad covering 505km distance. China is carrying out feasibility studies for high speed lines on the 2200km Chennai-New Delhi route and

Delhi to launch its first-app-based bus service

Now travel hassle free without having to rush into crowded regular buses, with the help of a mobile app. Passengers can book their tickets on luxury AC buses equipped with Wi-Fi from mid-June in Delhi. The Delhi government will roll out bus services on the lines of taxi aggregators, Uber and Ola. Firms with 50

Reliance renews ties with Iran after 6 years

After a gap of 6 years Reliance Industries has re-established its ties with Iran by buying crude oil from the Persian Gulf Power. The operator of world’s largest refining complex, RI is now looking to increase its purchases to 5 mn tones a year. Post international sanctions clamped on Iran, the company had stopped exporting

Metals and Elements GK Questions – Part 14

131. Which metal is kept under kerosine? a. Sodium b. Carbon c. Nitrogen d. zink Answer: a. Sodium 132. What is added to remove permanent hardness of water? a. Cooking soda b. Laughing gas c. Washing soda d. Facial Cream Answer: c. Washing soda 133. Name the metal present in photo films? a. Tungsten b.

Metals and Elements GK Questions – Part 13

121. Which gas is called laughing gas? a. Carbon dioxide b. Carbon Monoxide c. Nitrous oxide d. Nitric oxide Answer: c. Nitrous oxide 122. Which gas is used for preparation of soda water? a. Nitrous Oxide b. Carbon dioxide c. Aliminium Oxide d. Carbonic Acid Answer: b. Carbon dioxide 123. Name the element required for

Metals and Elements GK Questions – Part 12

111. Monazite is an ore of A. titanium B. zirconium C. iron D. thorium Answer: D. thorium 112. Which of the gas is not known as green house gas? A. Methane B. Nitrous oxiD. C. Carbon dioxiD. D. Hydrogen Answer: D. Hydrogen Explanation: In order, the most abundant greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere are: *

Metals and Elements GK Questions – Part 11

101. Alkanes are ______________________ a. Unsaturated Hydrocarbons b. Saturated Hydrocarbons c. Polymer d. Monomers ANSWER: b. Saturated Hydrocarbons 102. Which one of the following is correct? a. Unsaturated oils tend to be solid at room temperature b. Saturated oils tend to be liquid at room temperature c. Saturated oils tend to be solid at room

Metals and Elements GK Questions – Part 10

91. Which of the following gases is responsible for discolouration of brass in air? a. nitrogen oxiD. b. carbon dioxiD. c. water vapour d. hydrogen sulphiD. ANSWER: d. hydrogen sulphiD. 92. In Periodic table vertical columns are called ________________ a. Groups b. PerioD. c. Group 14 d. Period 14 ANSWER: a. Groups 93. Alkali metals

Metals and Elements GK Questions – Part 9

81. The atoms in a molecule are joined together by _____________ a. Covalent bond b. Ionic bond c. Single bond d. Double bond ANSWER: a. Covalent bond 82. After any chemical reaction __________________ a. Total mass of products is same as the total mass of the reactants b. Total mass of products is less than

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