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Nicolas Copernicus

Here we listed out important facts about famous scientist Nicolas Copernicus, with his Biography, Profile, Facts, Timeline, Awards, Achievement, etc., Born: 19 February 1473, Torun, Poland Died: 24 May 1543, Frombork, Poland Education: University of Padua (1501–1503) Fields: Astronomy, Canon law, Economics, Mathematics, Medicine Politics Known for: Heliocentrism, Gresham’s law, Copernican principle   Copernicus is

Scientists And Their Discoveries

SCIENTISTS DISCOVERY NEWTON Law of gravitation. BOHR Quantum model of hydrogen atom. MAXWELL Unification of light and electromagnetism EINSTEIN Theory of relativity RAMAN In elastic scattering of light by molecules. SALAM Unification of weak & electromagnetic interaction. FARADAY Law of electromagnetic induction HUBBLE Expansion of the universe. CHADWICK Neutron RUTHERFORD Nuclear model of the atom

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