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Religion and Culture Questions and Answers – Part8

71. Which is the most ancient religion? The Hinduism 72. Which scripture is the oldest in the world? Rig Veda Samhita 73. Which is the most precious book of Hindu? Rig Veda Samhita 74. Which are the four vedas? Rig veda, Yajur veda, Sama veda, Atharvana veda 75. Which are the four parts constituting the


Religion and Culture Questions and Answers – Part6

51. In which religion Sufi Sect developed? Islam 52. Who are Christian Scintists? The followers of religious movement founded in the late 1800 by Mary Baker Eddy; which stress present perfectibility of god and man, and practice spiritual healing. 53. What does the word Islam mean? Submission or surrender to the will of god 54.


Religion and Culture Questions and Answers – Part5

41. Where was Jesus Christ crucified? Calvary 42. Who provided a charter of the earliest evidence of Jewish community setting in India? Vijayanagara King 43. Which is the earliest book of the New Testament? Mark 44. Who published the authorized version of Bible? James I of England in 1611 45. What is the word gospel


Religion and Culture Questions and Answers – Part4

31. In which year is Christianity believed to have been introduced in India? And by whom? A.D. 52 by Saint Thomas 32. Which is the holy book of Christians? The Bible 33. What does the word ‘Bible’ mean? Book 34. In which country are the Christians called ‘Copts’? In Egypt 35. Which is the largest


Religion and Culture Questions and Answers – Part3

21. What form of Buddhist mysticism and meditation is practiced in Japan? Zen 22. At which place did Buddha get enlightenment? Near Gaya-Bihar 23. Under which tree did Buddha attain enlightenment? Bodhi tree 24. In which year did Mahavira die? In 546 B.C 25. After the death of Mahavira, Jainism splitted into two groups. What


Religion and Culture Questions and Answers – Part2

11. what is the meaning of Buddha? The enlightened one 12. Which are the two main sects of Buddhism? Hinayana and Mahayana. 13. Who was the founder of Jainism? Vardhamana Mahavira 14. Which are the sacred books of Buddhism? Triptika and Sutras 15. In Buddha’s teaching a lot of importance is given in to what?


Religion and Culture Questions and Answers – Part1

1. From which language did the word religion originate? The word has emanated from Latin. The word , ‘religio’ which is a combination of two parts ‘Re’ meaning back ‘liagare’ meaning to bind. It means that which binds the soul back to God is defined as religion. 2. What is the name of religious belief


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