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(kytos-cell, logos-study). This branch deals with the structure of the cell and its organells. During recent years knowledge about cell and its organells heve added tremendously and as such it became and advanced branch called Cell-Biology.

Plant Physiology

Plant Physiology

(physis-functioning). The study of the various living processes or the processes involving functioning of the plants, constitute a branch of botany called plant physiology. In the modern concept this involves both physical and biochemical study of various living processes. Viz […]

toxonomy of plant

taxonomy of plant

(taxix-arrangement, nomos-law). This branch involves the study of plant classification and the relationship among the groups of plants. This is also known as systematic botany and involves the technical description of the plants for their classification.  

plant anatomy

Anatomy of plant

The morphology is sometimes divided into external morphology and the internal morphology or anatomy. This anatomy involves the study of internal morphology in the description of the internal parts of the plant and its organs. This again includes the study […]



This deals with the study of the external form and features of the plant and its parts. The morphological description mostly helps identification and classification of plants. Simply a. The branch of biology that deals with the form and structure […]