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Delete hyperlinks on a sheet in Excel

Removing just one hyperlink
1. Right-Click on the cell and select Remove Hyperlink from the context menu.

Removing hyperlinks using the cell format
1. Select the cells having hyperlinks. You can use CTRL+LEFT CLICK to randomly select a cell.
2. On the menu click on Edit. Hover your mouse to the option Clear and select Fomats. Please note that the cell is still clickable to remove the hyperlink completely you have to select Clear->All.

Remove Excel hyperlinks on selected cells the better way
1. Type in any text or number in a blank cell
2. Right-click and select Copy on the context menu.
3. While pressing CTRL, select each cell with the hyperlink you wish to be removed
4. On the Edit menu, select Paste Special.
5. Under Operation, click Multiply and then click OK.
6. If you are using Office 2007, you may need to click or change the cell format to Normal found at the Styles Group Toolbar.

Removing Excel hyperlinks using a macro
Assuming you know excel programming you could create a macro to automatically remove the hyperlinks.
1. Start Visual Basic Editor. Alternatively you can press ALT-F11 to start the editor.
2. Double click the workbook you are using on the Project Explorer.
3. Type the following text:
Sub RemoveHyperlinks()
End Sub

4. Save your work.
5. Run your macro by pressing ALT-F8 or using the menu by Tools->Macro->Macros
6. Select the macro you have made, it should have the name ‘RemoveHyperlinks’.


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