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HTML5 enabling script

Since HTML5 is getting more attention by way of marking up our new pages, and the only way to get IE to acknowledge the new elements, such as <article>, is to use the HTML5 shiv, I’ve quickly put together a mini script that enables all the new elements.

Usage & Download

The html5.js and must be inserted in the head element (this is because IE needs to know about the element before it comes to render them – so it can’t sit in the footer of the page, i.e. below the elements in question).

I’ve now moved HTML5 shiv to be hosted on a Google code project with the correct mime type being served, so if you’re happy with the extra HTTP request, you can hot link the script:

It’s conditional within the code, so Firefox et al won’t run the code – but it doesn’t hurt to wrap it in an IE conditional call to reduce the http pulls for other browsers:

<!--[if lt IE 9]>
<script src=""></script>


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  1. martyn

    Its really useful me.
    Thanks a lot

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